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Improve your collaboration and marketing capabilities

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In the last few years, digital technology is highly developed and the people in Indonesia have been very ready to accept these changes. Everybody is already very familiar and well versed in the use of digital technologies such as the Internet, social media, tablet and mobile applications. This can be seen by number of internet users in Indonesia that continuously increase as well as social media users in Indonesia which is one of the largest in the world.  

Changes and developments in technology are so rapid that also lead to changes on any other aspects, including marketing. Old-fashioned marketing techniques or so-called outbound marketing where we push information to customers has been much decreased and no longer effective. Currently the latest techniques of marketing called inbound marketing where we draw the customer comes to us to get more information. This can be realized by digital technology where we can use the internet media or social media for our marketing process.  


MIT as subsidiary of EMS Group, acknowledge this challenges and also see the opportunities, that’s why we develop a solution that will provide your institution with the capabilities to cope with the challenges and give you a competitive advantages in the industry. Using the power of technology we will improve the collaboration in your education environment. Students can easily access their study materials given by their teachers, discussing their study with friends and teachers, parents and teachers can monitor their student’s education progress and many others capabilities that can be access anywhere and anytime. 

We also believe that having a sophisticated internal services is not sufficient without having society know about it, that’s why our solution also providing you with education marketing capabilities as well. This capabilities will allow you to do inbound marketing which will let you tell the world about how great your schools are.