Seminar - Towards Mining Efficiency & Effectiveness Improvement

On Wednesday, 30th August 2017 at The Park Lane Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia Coal Mining Association and PT Mandala Integrasi Teknologi (MIT), supported by EMSParamitra and principal ABB and Sage held a one-day seminar about system and tools to improve the coal mining operation and effectiveness. Started with how is the Mining Operation in the future, followed by what is the system and tools that can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness, completed with the system and tools to support Mining back office activities, such as Finance & Accounting, Procurement & Logistics, Human Resources, etc.

The event was attended by the Director of Indonesia Coal Mining Association, Bpk. Supriatna Suhala who welcomes us with an opening speech about the current Mining operation business and the future of Mining. Followed by presentation from MIT Director and team, the SAGE solution for mining was presented that covers business analytics, EAM and HR Solutions.