What Is Industry 4.0  

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We are in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we produce products. This transisition is so compleing that it is being called Industry Transformation to represnet the fourth revolution that has occurred in the world industry.  The first one is mechanization through water and steam power , then to the mass production and assembly lines using electricity. The third one is the adoption of computer and automation the moving to the fourth industry revolution which continue that what has been started  in the third one by enhancing it with smart and autonomous system fueled by data and machine learning.  Therefore the Industry 4.0 optimizes the computerization of the Industry 3.0.  This will make our factories , plant and business operation more efficient and productive.


EMS is moving to the Next Level by adopting the Industry 4.0  technology and application on top of the enterprise software application that we have successfully implemented  in many customer  and in various industry particularly in the mining, energy ,manufacturing and Sales Distribution busines.   Tthis the right time for all company in all  industry that they must integrate the Information Technology and the Operation Technology  to improve the productivity  and efficiency .  If they don’t, they will be left behind.